Thank you to the 2018 Care Card co-chairs Hailey Woodard and Linda Woodard.

Sell as many Care Cards as you can! After 10 cards sold, you get to keep one for yourself. Plus, other exciting prizes and incentives will be given to the top sellers.

As a Merchant Liaison (ML), we ask that you do the following:

» Attend one volunteer training session in the spring.

» Family and Children’s Services (F&CS) mails contracts to previous participating retailers inviting them to participate/return. Help them return contracts by July 1 to ensure they make the print deadline for the Care Card shopping directory.

» You will be assigned 7-10 stores in mid-September. Introduce yourself to the managers and thank them for participating in the program.

» It is mandatory for all MLs to attend the merchant kick-off party at Utica Square in October. During this time, merchants will receive their Care Card materials (cards/posters/POS). This will serve as a contact point for MLs and merchants. In the event one or more of your assigned merchants is unable to attend the kick-off party, you will deliver packets to them.

» Starting two weeks before the Care Card event, you will visit your merchants to ensure all materials are displayed properly and provide additional training for merchant staff. You will be contacted by merchants in the event they need additional promotional material and/or Care Cards.

» Your final and most important responsibility is to collect all of the money and any unsold cards from their retailers and return them to Family and Children’s Services. There should be one money pickup/check in after the first five days and a FINAL pick up of money and any unsold cards after day ten. Please reconcile money with amount of cards sold to ensure each match.

» Have fun, and shop ’til you drop!


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